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Voice actors needed! (Pico Day 2017)

2017-04-26 11:24:10 by MihaP

I'm making a short animation for Pico day which is taking place on 30th this sunday. The script is pretty minimal and I'm not looking for somebody professional, but just somebody with a good microphone who is interested and could help me out. I'm in a bit of a hurry so it would be great if I could get my lines back by friday or saturday.

There are 2 male and 1 female characters (Pico, Nene and Dad from dad 'n me). The story is about Pico who is in a married to Nene. The relationship is draining life from Pico and Dad comes to comfort him in rough times. 

All characters are in their early thirties. Nene almost always sounds uninterested, Pico is pretty passive and shy and Dad is confident and enthusiastic.

If you would like to help leave a comment or PM me. Thanks!


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2017-04-26 17:03:46

I could read some lines for ya


2017-04-26 20:38:28

Let me have at some lines, bud.


2017-04-27 00:58:20

Yea sure whatevz bucko if you want send me some lines


2017-04-27 01:03:47

Send me the male lines via PM, maybe I won't be too terrible. It's a sausage party here, so send and some other recent female VA uploaders the Nene lines to save time. Could post here too


2017-04-27 01:42:11

I can do some decent voices for you. I could also save them in whatever sound format you want (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, etc.).

I'll gladly take the job! PM me on Newgrounds!


2017-04-27 08:32:50

Maybe I could?


2017-04-28 02:06:43

Send me the Pico and Dad lines, bruh


2017-04-28 10:32:13

hello ^-^ Yeah i'm willing to help i have a blue yeti


2017-04-29 10:19:54

Maybe i could do Nene?