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I'm making a short animation for Pico day which is taking place on 30th this sunday. The script is pretty minimal and I'm not looking for somebody professional, but just somebody with a good microphone who is interested and could help me out. I'm in a bit of a hurry so it would be great if I could get my lines back by friday or saturday.

There are 2 male and 1 female characters (Pico, Nene and Dad from dad 'n me). The story is about Pico who is in a married to Nene. The relationship is draining life from Pico and Dad comes to comfort him in rough times. 

All characters are in their early thirties. Nene almost always sounds uninterested, Pico is pretty passive and shy and Dad is confident and enthusiastic.

If you would like to help leave a comment or PM me. Thanks!

Sup Newgrounds!

Here is my leatest animation:

Im so happy to see that it hit the front page, so thank you Tom <3

As for my plans, I have nothing special coming up soon and school is here once again to make my animation progress even slower than it already was. Im looking to compete in NATA next year, so Ill have to work hard in the first part of the semester, just so i can have more easy-going in the secont part of the year to make room for animating.

In the end, I never got to say thank you to everyone who supported me and Newgrounds as a whole for keeping me motivated. I doupt Id still be animating if Newgrounds wasnt around. 

Again, thanks to Newgrounds community and the wonderful staff members! Luv you all!!

Something new!!

2013-08-22 08:17:32 by MihaP

Yay, finally finished something!!
Done with pixelated animations tho... Pixel tool soo annoying to work with.
Hope you guys like it and have a nice day:)

based on tru story by 2 chainz
Watch it!!!
Also, thank you Damien<3333